Performingarts.live was created in response to all of the artists and creators who have lost work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These are your orchestra musicians, theater actors, children's musicians whose livelihood relies on concerts and plays that the public can normally attend. Now with social distancing being recommended and possibly enforced in the near future, live art is in danger. 

Please watch, please enjoy and please donate to these talented musicians. 


Scott kagawa
Digital marketing consultant by day, concert promoter by night, Scott is a former trumpet player who has had the wonderful opportunity to play with some of the greatest musicians alive today. He can now be found virtually at Adobe Inc., not playing the trumpet and spending a lot of time with his wife and two girls in Berkeley. 

Neil freese
Neil Freese is an artist and graphic designer who created the Performing Arts Live logo and drew the profile illustrations for all of our performers. 

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